Church Planting DNA

Hills is a church plant that came out of a church plant! It's in our DNA to grow as a church and make disciples for the purpose of replicating healthy churches! We believe that the best method of carrying out Jesus' Great Commission "Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations..." (Matt 28:19) is accomplished through starting new churches! More healthy local churches means more people hearing about Jesus! 

Our vision is for these churches to be in university cities where people can hear the clear message of the Gospel in a relevant way. Hills is part of a small network of like-minded churches. As a young church plant ourselves, we're not at the planting phase yet; but we're excited that as a group of churches we get to celebrate two new churches being planted in the Summer of 2018 and one in December 2018

Vine Church in Carbondale Illinois will be planting in San Marcos, TX @ Texas State University.

Clear View Church in Bloomington, Illinois will be planting in Dekalb, IL @ Northern Illinois University.

Blue Sky Church in Bellevue, WA will be planting a church in Taipei, Taiwan in December of 2018.

As these churches begin gathering disciples to be trained, well equipped, and sent off to new cities, there will be sacrifice and a price to pay! We're confident Jesus will give them everything they need and more to further His mission of making disciples to glorify His name!