Hey WSU students, we're excited to offer rides to Hills Church again this fall! 

How I can get a ride: If you are a university student at WSU and would like a ride to Hills Church on a Sunday, all you have to do is text or email getmetohills@gmail.com and one of our helpful rides team member will contact you with further details. The cut-off for our rides team to be notified is midnight on the Saturday before service.

We offer student rides with pick-up beginning at 10:10 am. Afterwards, the same person who gave you a ride to Hills Church will give you a ride back to your original pick-up location.

Pick-up/Drop-off locations: The Student Rides Team picks up students in front of Rogers Hall on SE Nevada St., and in front of the Northside Residence Hall on NE Colorado street. All of our rides team cars will have a "Hills Church" sign in their side windows so you won’t have to wonder who they are when they pull up. Every student rides team member is known and trusted at Hills to be safe and friendly. They will be driving their own vehicles, so be on the lookout for the "Hills Church" sign rather than a large bus or shuttle if you're hitching a ride!