Serving Like Jesus

Why Should a Christian Serve? 

Simply put, the answer is: To become a Biblical Christian. Jesus Christ came to serve. “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45). Serving is one of the fundamental ways to define the ministry of Jesus. In fact, the word ministry literally means to serve. The Greek noun diakonia is most often translated as either ministry or service. It follows that if serving others is the very definition of ministry, and specifically the ministry of Jesus, then we who take the name Christian should participate in the life of service that our Master Jesus did. 

Where Do I Start? 

Our Hills Series is the primary vehicle we have here at the church to help people in the process of serving. In the segment of the series titled "Serving," we discuss how God has uniquely made us for His purpose which includes using the spiritual gifts He has given to us. Discovering what spiritual gifts are and which ones we may personally possess, proves to be very helpful in finding out how we can serve God and His people. You don’t necessarily have to take the Hills Series in order to serve somewhere, but it is usually the most helpful way to go about the process.

Another way to get started in serving is to talk with a Small Group leader or pastor. They will be able to help you figure out what might be a good way for you to begin serving in the church and to help you find the right person to talk to about any given service area.

What kinds of areas of service are there at Hills?

We are a young church plant that meets in rented Sunday space every week. Simply said, just about everything you can think of needs to be done to pull off a welcoming and inviting Sunday service. Curtains need to be hung, setup/teardown teams carefully and thoughtfully prepare the space, bibles and pens need to be put out, cleaning happens, graphics are loaded onto projection computers, kids workers welcome new visiting families, greeters direct at the doors, worship team members work on practicing sets and dialing in sound, coffee is brewed and bagels are picked up, and the thermostat is set to a steady 72 degrees F. And that's just Sunday (you might call it training wheels for day-in-day-out devotion to Jesus and His mission). If Hills is becoming your church home and you're interested in serving somewhere, we'll help you find a great place to begin!