Kindergarten - 5th Grade

As your children grow in maturity, we provide increasingly fun and impactful Biblical training at Hills Kids' Program to encourage and strengthen them as they begin to discover what it means to follow Jesus and live what the Bible teaches us. We begin each week with ample opportunity for your kids to develop friendships through playing games together, doing art projects, and simply spending time with each other. With our trusted teachers and assistants guidance the class shifts focus to Bible teaching and training. During this time of the service your kids will learn how to both understand and apply the Bible to their lives in relevant ways. We long to show them how the Bible can provide them with practical tools to help and encourage them to work through life challenges. After Bible teaching the group will spend some time in prayer. We believe it is important to teach kids how to pray and expect God to impact them. Kids in the Pre-K through 5th grade class will grow in their desire to pray and will learn to pray for each other. The class ends as it started, with time to build relationship while enjoying a snack together.