Youth Vision

As a parent of a Middle School or High School student you might be wondering, “where does my child fit in at Hills Church?” Currently they will fit in through receiving attention from people passionate about our youth, and they will fit into the future of Hills Church as we build our youth program in to a dynamic and encouraging program. At this time we do not have a regular meeting youth group since we are a new church plant. However, we do have people at Hills who are passionate and experienced in leading youth in church and are looking forward to seeing our program grow. Natalie Dobbins, our Kids Director, spent a considerable amount of time as a Youth Leader and assistant to the Youth Director at Blue Sky Church before coming to Pullman to help plant Hills Church. We are excited about Youth at Hills and love both them and their families; we hope that you will check us out. To get a sense of how the future will look for our youth group check out these pages from Hills sending church, Blue Sky Church: High School Group  |   Middle School Group