Small groups are the life of HILLS church community and are essential to our growth as individuals. If you only attend Sunday services, you may attend for months and not really get to know many people--that's just how it works in larger gatherings. 

Our groups are designed to help you make new friends, apply the Bible to your life, and receive the support and encouragement that we all need. We think you'll find them casual, fun, and relevant. 

Small Groups meet throughout the city and campus. Each Small Group meets for about two hours, one night a week, for three nights out of the month. The fourth week is for relaxing, parties, and serving the community. 

We know people are busy, so our groups make sure to start and end on time. The Small Group gathering usually begins with refreshments and socializing, followed by the Small Group leader leading a discussion focusing on life application of the Bible using the English Standard Version. If you’re visiting a Small Group you can participate in the discussion as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. Groups end the evening by taking some time to pray for those in the group who would like to receive prayer. Our Small Groups meet weekly around the Pullman area. 

How to get connected: 

Step 1: Check out our Small Groups online and contact a group leader via email or phone before group to see if they're meeting that week. 

Step 2: Try out a group or two and find the one that fits you well. We have groups that meet Monday through Thursday during the week and span different demographics. Paid childcare is available in some groups. 

It really is that easy! Just go to one and see what you think. All of our groups are open to new visitors so you can try one out at anytime.